How Far Has Wyoming Come with ENDOW?

Invest in ENDOW, that was a major message by Governor Mead in Monday’s State of the State address.

News 13's Marella Porter spoke with a member of the management council excited for the opportunities available to ENDOW.

Without measuring growth, how will you know how far you've come?

For Governor Mead, measuring growth was not as large a problem as growth measurements connected to political terms spanning four and eight years.

Mead felt a need to create a plan extending beyond his term, ENDOW was that plan.

"The objective is to develop a 20 year economic strategy and implement it over 20 years in order to grow and expand our economy."

Mead said ENDOW was successful in its first year.

Wyoming Representative David Miller told News 13, “The ENDOW which means diversifying our economy is very, very important. We’ve been in the boom and bust cycle forever frankly it’s going to stay like that if we don't encourage other businesses to come to Wyoming.”

Tuesday, lawmakers discussed two bill drafts related to ENDOW.

One for funding workforce training programs and another aimed at funding small business.

Representative Miller is eager to discuss other bills involving ENDOW.

“For the ENDOW program the thing I’m most excited about is our series of block chain bills that are coming forth right now. That could be a game changer for Wyoming and vault Wyoming ahead of any other state, maybe any other country in adaptation of the block chain and crypto currency.”

Moving forward, Governor Mead asked lawmakers to embrace opportunities, funding ENDOW recommendations.

"When I mention opportunities on the horizon, endow is the top one. With the department report now in hand I ask that the recommendations of the endow executive council be funded in full."

The ENDOW council's total funding request is over 36-million dollars, which has fallen within Governor Mead’s 37-point-five million dollar budget request.