How Did The Primary Election Go?

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"I think it gets an A+ rating", Renea Vitto, Natrona County’s clerk said.
Natrona County's clerk was pleased with the consolidated polling locations, the time it took to count precinct votes, and the voter turnout.
"Our precinct results were all in in amazing time. We love the precinct consolidation and I’ve had such positive feedback about it how quick it went for everyone how efficient it was", Vitto said.
Voters agreed.
"I think it went very smoothly got right in, no problems, it was great!", Vickie Rizzi, a voter said.
Vitto says the precinct voting results were in by 7:50pm and posted on the web by 9:00pm.
"Usually it is quicker because we have the absentees already finished so those results are out by 7:30pm then as the precincts come in then we can just update our postings of the results", Vitto said.
The only thing she says she would change is the absentee counting.
"I mean it went well everything was done properly it was perfect results it’s just it took a little bit of time", Vitto said.
The absentee counting process was changed for accuracy reasons with new personnel. The new process delayed county officials counting absentee ballots.
"By the time we were done opening envelopes it took a little longer it was more like 5:00 before we were ever finished and that was because of the large ballots we had received", Vitto said.
Vitto says she hopes the voting process is as efficient or even better for the general election.
She promises they will go back to the old absentee ballot procedure and hopefully be finished counting ballots by 7:30 pm at the latest.
According to state statute, no polling locations can be changed in the general election. Vitto is looking to get more bus services for the general election.
Vitto says she is looking for another consolidated location for the 2018 election.