How Cyber Monday has Affected the Casper Post Office

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CASPER, Wyo. On a regular day, the post office receives an average of 1,00 boxes.

During Cyber Week, they get about 3,500 a day.

"we received 50 palettes of parcels which is way above the standard that we have had over the last few months since we started Amazon." Said Derek Sharpe, the Postmaster at Casper post office.

Postal staff will be working overtime, even delivering on Sundays from now until New Years for the additional load.

"It means the economy is doing well if we are bumped up three or four thousand packages a day so Casper must be doing pretty well."

More than five percent increase in mail volume is projected this holiday season, totaling about nine hundred million parcels nationwide.

"we always um have quite a few packages for our residents, but it seems like with the influx of the holidays and all that good stuff um we've definitely seen a lot more packages than we have in the past." Explained Sarah Evelo, the leasing manager at The Preserve apartment complex.

The United Postal Service has expanded the number of shipments received, taking on Amazon shipments a few months ago.