House Bill 0039 Passes; New Wyoming Plates on the Horizon

Thanks to a collaborative effort including a full spectrum of conservation organizations from across the state of Wyoming, the Wyoming legislature passed House Bill 0039. The bill, headed to Gov. Matt Mead for his signature, designates a specific license plate to fund wildlife and roadway mitigation projects.

The license plate will be available to all Wyoming residents for use on personal vehicles.

The initial purchase price for the plate will be $150 with an additional $50 fee each year for renewal – 100 percent of which will be directed into a fund specific to wildlife and roadway mitigation efforts.

The bill was drafted and introduced with the help of the Muley Fanatic Foundation and sponsored by Rep. Stan Blake of Green River.

“The Wyoming Wildlife Federation and the Muley Fanatic Foundation want to offer a special thank you to Rep. Blake for his unwavering support and steadfast determination to see this bill through the legislative process. We’d also like to recognize that the bill’s passage would not have been possible without the incredible public support – from phone call, letters, and emails – our state lawmakers heard from the people of Wyoming in support of HB0039.”

Said Dwayne Meadows, Executive Director of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation.

Joshua Coursey, CEO and founder of the Muley Fanatic Foundation, offers that “this bill and the awareness it has garnered around the state will be something Wyoming residents and wildlife populations will see the benefits of for generations to come. This is a huge step forward for wildlife conservation in Wyoming.”

Wyoming Wildlife Federation Public Land Coordinator Jessi Johnson, who was active in lobbying for the bill throughout the entire legislative process, added “passing this bill is a big win for wildlife, hunters, anglers, and anyone who values safe roads and wildlife.

Wyoming has created a new funding source to begin work on a solution for the ever-present wildlife and roadway conflicts this state faces”.