chr (Hour-of-Code) Comes 2 Cheyenne

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Some Cheyenne students recently learned the importance of coding or the language behind the screens.

They were just a few of more than 100 million people worldwide who participated in the “Hour of Code" Saturday afternoon.

Community leaders and educators said in today's world it's critical that children understand software programming.

Ruth Kimata from our sister station in Cheyenne reports:

Who likes coding? Kids cheered, “We do!” in Cheyenne.

Microsoft teamed up with local 4th graders and an array school of technology in Cheyenne to inspire kids to code.

From Microsoft Techspark, Dennis Ellis commented, “It's important for Microsoft to be reaching out to the kids in the k-12 community. Any job they want to have in the future is going to require the ability to know what’s going on behind the screen with their phone and their computer.”

Coding is the language behind the screens or the instructions in a computer program.

Eleven year old student, Jack Balow commented, “It's very interesting and there is a lot of things you can do with it more than just playing a video game because you can make them instead of just playing them.”
He also enjoys coding simply because he likes making things.

“You can learn how to make a movie, a game or an app and there are a lot of things you can use in a career path that involves coding.”

Event organizers said learning how to code it critical in the growth of a child and for their future.

“Whether you want to be a nurse, if you want to be a farmer, or you want to be a teacher you’re going to need to know tech digital skills to be able to have a job,” said Ellis.

Computer science is as important as reading, writing and math.
As for 11 year old Jack, learning to code has inspired him to work towards a job in technology for his future.

“I want to be an Air Force engineer or a computer programmer.”