Hospital Survey Not So Telling

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Hospitals across the nation are graded on a regular basis, some for educational purposes and some more for safety.

Recently, Wyoming Medical Center earned a "C" grade from a national hospital surveyor group.

News 13's Justin Roth tells us why that grade might not be all that accurate.

Surveyor, Leapfrog, puts out annual hospital quality surveys.

Collected data is submitted voluntarily by hospitals across the nation. But, Wyoming Medical Center hasn't sent data to the surveyor in a couple years.

In response to their survey grade, They sent us a statement:

"Patient safety and experience is the primary concern for everyone at Wyoming Medical Center. The Leapfrog Survey uses data from its own survey, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others to produce a letter grade.

We have not participated in the Leapfrog survey for the last couple of years, and so our grade is based on incomplete information which is not formally submitted by Wyoming Medical Center.

We will participate in Leapfrog’s upcoming fall survey, and have already begun the process of submitting the requested data. We made the decision that resuming our participation will allow us to tell our story about the investments we've made in safety such as providing life-saving trauma, heart attack and stroke care to patients across the state. We are the only Wyoming hospital to provide 24-hour physician coverage in the ICU, and our investment in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure supports 45 different specialties.

We are proud to be Casper's community hospital, and we strive every day to live up to our culture of safety. We know that safe, effective care is what matters most to patients and their families, and it will always remain the center of our mission."

Doctors focus on maintaining a safe working environment, not only for themselves, but for their patients too. Dr. Andy Dunn is Physician at the Mesa Primary Care Center and says, "First thing is awareness, education remind each other we have to wash our hands. Washing our hands in the best line of defense against spreading any kind of germs, especially on the hospital floors and what not. So washing your hands. Also we go by the slogan gel in gel out there's special solutions or hand sanitizes that act as decongestants so you can use that as well to hand washing."

Keeping everything clean helps, especially with separation barrier. Dr. Dunn adding to the conversation, "Such as gowns, masks, gloves. Beyond that, the learning curve is endless. "It's not the five second i'm done kind of thing in the o-r there special type of ways to towel off to make sure you are still sterile. So continuing education for physicians nurses techs is widespread on-going monthly."