Hospital Hacking

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CORRECTION: Blue Cross Blue Shield was not the victim of an 80 million person hack as previously reported from our source.

The hack as previous reported was to Anthem. We apologize for any confusion.

Cyber Security is a concern for businesses as well as each of us. Campbell County Health was hacked last week when an employee received an email that looked legitimate, putting patient information in jeopardy.

News 13s Justin Roth took a look at local hospitals and if your patient information is really safe.

It's your Social Security Number, your Credit Card Information, your Birth Date. All information you don't want out in public. But hackers tirelessly work to steal your personal information.

Dr. Matt Frederiksen is the Chief Compliance Officer for the Wyoming Medical Center he says, "It is scary."

So how serious is the problem? Kent Brooks is the Director of Information Technology for Casper College he says, "It is serious you see it on the news regularly and on the enterprise level we have to take it seriously."

Wyoming Health Center staff use different methods to ensure your personal information is secure.

Christy Walker says Director of Information Technology for the Community Health Center of Central Wyoming she says, "We like to take a layered security approach that mean we used various methods that are put in place to protect that information it includes encryption, authentication, access controls, anti virus, anti malware"

People should remain vigilant., one letter difference on an email could be the difference.

"One that we have come in here is a hacker has changed the W to two V's in Wyoming medical center so you have to pay very close attention because hackers do attempt different measures to fool if your not paying very close attention" says Dr. Frederiksen.

Changing your passwords often is a smart action. Brooks says, "It gets a little more serious when you get to your banking accounts and things where there's financially implications if you don't have a strong password, and those passwords need to be changed fairly frequently"

And in some cases, medical records are gold when it comes to hacking says Walker "Medical records on the Black market are worth about one hundred dollars where as a Credit Card number is worth about a dollar so a healthcare record is more valuable more sought after and more vulnerable"

Justin: "Why do you think that is?"

Walker: "The payoff there looking for a financial gain their looking for they use it for insurance fraud."

Some good advice, Brooks tells us is to be a wary digital citizen.

Hospitals around Casper constantly try to trick their own employees to ensure they don't fall for the real thing.