Hop On Down For A 'Hairball' Experience

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With several options to choose from, plenty of cute pets are waiting to get their forever home. Casper Humane Society staff hope to help bring the spotlight on some of their available animals with their upcoming 'Hairball' event.

"The theme this year is a 50's sock hop,” explained Trish McDaniel from Casper Humane Society. “So if you've got an old poof skirt, nice leather jacket; slick your hair back, come on down. We're going to have a dance contest. We're going to have a little bit of fun down there that evening."

Staff hope for an even bigger turn out from us for this year's spectacle.

"We’re here to help support the shelter, along with all these cute little animals we have,” continued McDaniel. “We've got a variety of raffle items this year and raffle tickets are a buck a piece, so you've got a good chance at winning something."

Plenty of items are also available for raffles and drawings as well, including an antique, hand-quilted blanket.

Everyone loves a cute pet, and they need our help; and most importantly our love.

For more information on the event, or about the Casper Humane Society, visit their website at http://casperhumanesociety.org/