Young Minds Honoring Veterans at Southridge

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Saturday is a day Wyoming residents will pause to honor our military vets.

Today young minds spent the morning thanking veterans in their lives and in their school.

Student at Southridge Elementary placed their little hands on their hearts and stood proudly to honor four veterans.

Parents, visitors and even the principal served in the military and were given gifts from the students.

The students sang along with each military branch's melody and heard taps played by their music teacher Zane Romanek on his saxophone.

From the Army to the Navy each veteran had a special story to share with the kids and their own ways of honoring their fellow soldiers.

Southridge Principal Doug Smith shared, “It's a nice honor, it's a nice recognition of the people who have served their country and are serving the country."

Principal Smith served in the US Navy for three years as an Operations Specialist where he was sent to Europe, the Caribbean, Libya and Israel.

He says it is important to have his students recognize veterans as the real heroes in America.