Home School Art Class

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CASPER, Wyo. A group of home school students attended an art class at the NIC.

The six week course for home schooled students gives them a classroom experience.

"We will do anything from drawing...painting...sculpture...ceramics...we will be going outside often...we might do photography." Said Tori Pike, the museum instructor. "I'm teaching kids to solve problems because throughout your life you are going to be solving problems."

Open to children from kindergarten through eighth grade, Pike says she tries to teach them about more than just creating a work of art.

The kids also learn responsibility.

"I teach them...you know...how to use materials and the glue gun it...it's kind of something that gives the older kids independence...so I like them to have that independence. They will show me if they can't use it I will...I'm always watching."

She explained that art also gives them the knowledge base that they miss in the classroom.

"Art can dive into language arts...it can dive into math...it can dive into science...it can dive into just health and life in its own...so it's an amazing...like...I see art as being a base."

She said the kids also learn social skills they miss from a traditional school setting.