Hogadon Re-Opens With New Lodge

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For winter recreation enthusiasts, Hogadon's opening is much anticipated. And with Tuesday being the official open to some trails, skiers and snowboarders are elated. Staff are also ready to showcase what the new lodge offers.

"There’s a lot more buzz and interest in being up here and from what I’ve been told,” mentioned Jeff Brier, Executive Director of Snow Sports School. “It's a much higher facility than what it used to be here."

Guests not only can rent equipment, including snowboards, skis, boots, helmets, and poles, but also enjoy hot beverages, food, and adult drinks.

"We’ve had a great turn out so far, people are excited to be out on the slopes, and excited to be in the new facility," mentioned Ryan Butler of Hogadon Ski Patrol.

Guests also have an opportunity to get lessons before exploring the trails and shredding some slopes.

"Those features make the first few experiences for guests much more fun, enjoyable, a lot less fear, and you tend to learn better in that scenario," added Brier.

Warm temperatures may melt some of the snow, but the snow making machine helps keep the hill sides covered with enough of the frozen dendrites.

"For us to make snow we have to be less than 28 degrees and right now we are out of water,” Butler explains. “So when the pond regenerates, because it's all spring fed naturally, so when we have more water, we'll continue to make snow."

With Hogadon expected to stay open until the second week of April, winter enthusiasts have plenty of time to enjoy the resort and a nice cup of hot chocolate this season.

For more information about what the resort offers, visit their website at http://www.hogadon.net/