Hitting The Road For Thanksgiving

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AAA projects 48.7 million people are traveling this week, the most since 2007, and it's no longer for just the weekend. People are already hitting the roads and airways.

"We are heading into the tail end of the year here, and we see improvements to the economy. We see job growth and we see that consumers are gaining more confidence and they are spending more," says AAA's Tamra Johnson.

Another big contributor is cheap gas. AAA projects the average trip more than 50 miles away from home, and of those traveling, roughly 90 percent will be hitting the roads.

"We see that Americans have saved upwards of $28 million so far this year in gasoline," Johnson says. "They are actually putting that money from the pump into their pockets and taking it on a trip with their family members."

Good news for people traveling later this week: The snow storm hitting the Northeast is expected to move out of the area by Wednesday.