Historic Flood Crest Expected in Fremont County

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Fremont County has flood warnings in effect all week.

National Weather Service Meteorologists say rivers will reach record high crest levels as snowpack melts this week.

Mountain temperatures above 60 degrees mean the floods emergency managers prepared for all spring, are here.

“Snowmelt flooding is finally here for central Wyoming and western Wyoming. And now’s the time if you’re in a low lying area that’s flood-prone and near a body of water near a stream creek or river to take the last and final pre-cautions to prepare yourself,” said Tim Troutman, a Weather Service Warning Meteorologist.

The Big Wind River near Riverton is at 10 ½ feet, while flood stages begin at 9 feet.

By this Friday (June 9th), water is expected to rise to 12 feet, which will be a new record for Crest Height, previously set in 2011.

Troutman estimates 1/5 of mountain snowpack has already melted.

The flood warning remains in effect until early next week, when rivers are expected to start receding.