Highway Deaths On The Rise

In July 2016, there were 31 car related deaths.

This year, there have been 21 fatalities in June, and 61 in total this year.

Lieutenant Clint Haver says they've recently seen several related to car maintenance.

"We've had [a] couple of fatalities recently in the last week and a half that [we have] dealt with. Tire failure has been the cause of it. Just make sure steel radials [are] not showing, the tire is inflated properly, and has the right air pressure in it,” said Haver.

Checking your tire pressure is easy.

A Plains Tire manager says a tire pressure tool only costs a couple of dollars, also the high and low temperatures affect the air in your tires.

"When it's warmer out you'll gain air in your tire, but when it gets colder you'll lose air,” said Todd Champagne. “In Wyoming, it fluctuates up and down. Warm summer months generally [means] the PSI in your tire will go a little higher than normal.”

He said you should be checking your tire pressure once a week especially before a trip or in extreme temperatures.

Lieutenant Haver says other factors including speeding and phone distraction have led to some of the accidents.

Check your tires, buckle up, and stay off your phone while driving.