High Winds Wreak Havoc on Wind River Reservation

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Several Fremont County families were displaced from their homes after strong winds ripped through Sunday night.

We spoke with Red Cross managers to find out how the severe the damage is and how the families will be helped.

Some areas were left with scattered debris from Sunday night winds, but other areas faced far worse.

Red Cross disaster Program Manager Kaleigh Good told News 13, “This morning I got a call from the Northern Arapaho Tribal Emergency Manager about some homes that have been damaged by winds last night. “

With a speed of 60 miles per hour, the strong winds stripped the siding off homes and damaged roofs.

“I went out and evaluated the homes; some of these homes had the entire roof ripped off of them.”

It started around 1:00 Monday morning with, “Gusts up to 60 miles per hour.”

The damage left twelve adults and nine children from the Indian reservation, homeless.

"They were sleeping last night when this happened and then you wake up and the roof is gone I think a lot of them are shocked. But I think by the Red Cross assisting them their going to be able to get on their feet from this. "

Red Cross members will assist the families with temporary housing and help with repairs to the home and always encourage us to have a safety kit and a plan for emergencies like these.