High Winds Affect Wyoming

CASPER, Wyo. Along Wyoming Boulevard in Casper, winds howled all day long

A bent over sign showed just how strong the winds were, but there was minimal damage elsewhere.

While winds weren't as strong in Downtown Casper, it reached up to 80 miles per hour on outer drive.

With wind speeds that strong, it can have effects on both structures and vehicles.

"We do see, unfortunately, an increase in the risk of blowovers to those light, high profile vehicles. We're talking the semi-trailers that are unloaded. We're talking the stray trucks with the boxes in the back that are unloaded and light. And the wind buffers up against, especially in places like Outer Drive." Said Dane Andersen of the Casper Fire Department.

Strong winds are expected to continue at the beginning of the week.

Andersen says to use extra caution while outside, especially while driving.

High profile vehicles will be most at risk.

Andersen said there were no emergency calls Sunday involving the wind.