High Waters Closed Northern Routes to Yellowstone

Roads closed from flooding meant travelers heading west to Dubois or Yellowstone had to take an alternate route.

Monday News 13’s Landon Harrar discussed which roads were open and which were not due to the high waters.

WYDOT engineers closed Highway 26 because water covered the highway making travel unsafe.

Robert Scheidemantel commented, “Road closures right now (Monday) we have US 26 closed it is west of Kinnear, the water is over topping the road there it has receded a little bit but still its impeding traffic on US 26.”

Weather Service Meteorologist Jeff Braun told News 13, “If you want to go west you have to take the long way around through lander to get to Dubois.”

Travelers had to go from Riverton to Lander then to Fort Washakie to get back onto Highway 26 and total of 27 extra miles.

“I’d like to see it just stay high for a while, let it get hot, get all that snow-pack melted down and that way we don’t have to look forward to any more closures.”

Braun added, he expects rivers to be high all week, similar to the floods a week ago.

“Rivers are high, they’re peaking or at least cresting at the moment, the bigger ones are and their forecast to remain above the flood stage through the work week and possibly the weekend.”

Even with all the high water and floods Braun felt there’s still a lot more snow up in the mountains waiting to come down.

“We’ve still got a couple of feet of snow in the mountains the wind river mountains, Togwotee is reporting up to 28 inches of snow this morning, so we’ve still got a little bit to come off.”

Rivers are back to flood stage crest levels because of rain Friday night and Saturday morning.

Highway 26 has since been re-opened; officials continue to monitor the flooding dangers.