High Power Bill Follow Up

Monday, we reported about spikes in Rocky Mountain Power bills with reactions from customers and Rocky Mountain officials.

Today (Friday), we followed up on the story, and were able to reach the Wyoming Public Service Commission secretary to see their reaction.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack joins us live in the studio and tells us the P.S.C is aware of the situation.

Tyler, what do commission staff know?

Regina, they say they've heard about it through the Facebook posts, and received complaints themselves.

It's been an ongoing situation for several months, Rocky Mountain customers seeing large increases in their monthly bill.

Wyoming Public Service Commission staff say they're also aware, but haven't heard much from residents.

"We had heard about it a month ago, but as with more recent periods did not receive complaints from the public," said Chris Petrie, the Wyoming Public Service Commission Secretary & Chief Counsel.

That's because Petrie says they've only received about three to five complaints recently. Petrie says any changes haven't been approved by the commission to explain large increases.

"There have been some rate changes in the past few months but none of those would explain any drastic changes in anybody's bill."

But this isn't the only they've seen high bills.

"We have in the past had incidents where utilities billing system began to produce erroneous bills sometimes in large numbers that does not appear to be the case so far here as we know."

As Rocky Mountain officials told News 13 earlier this week, they usually see increases related due to weather.

"Every season of extreme in the winter and the summer. We’ve been seeing a number of increased from our customers in Wyoming,” said Dave Eskelsen, Rock Mountain Power Spokesperson.

“In the times when it's necessary to estimate a meter read when we're able to get an actual read of the meter. There's a true-up, and so that bill ultimately reflects actual usage."

That still leaves customers unhappy.

"I would like to see a decrease in my bill personally. I don't think anyone should have to pay that much," said Peter Bell, a Rocky Mountain Power customer

"This is obviously not just a 'oh it was colder this month’. This is a big problem," said Chase Moore, also a Rocky Mountain Power customer

The Public service commission does look into cases where bills are high. Petrie says if findings show errors, the company has to refund customers.

The Wyoming Public Service Commission does have a toll free number to call for complaints.

Wyoming Public Service Commission Toll-Free Number: 1-888-570-9905