"Hero Day" Held at Fort Caspar Academy

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Students at Fort Casper Academy got the chance to represent their heroes by dressing up.

Today students were encouraged to dress up as someone they admire and one that has made a difference in the world.

“Hero Day” is an extension to the quarterly book report that is required by all Fort Casper Academy students.

"Fourth quarters been designated hero quarter book report so all of the kids in the school do a hero book report."

"Cause he was the President and fought for other people" says student Weston Golding.

Student Elijah Graham says "Be kind to the people who sacrificed their life to make the world a better place.”

Every icon in history from Abraham Lincoln to Jesus was represented.

Students were also required to give a presentation on their hero and why they selected that person.

This is the tenth year for Fort Casper Academy's Hero Day.