Heavy Snow Led to Many Crashes in Fremont County

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The weekend's winter storm caused a few minor accidents and a major highway crash in Fremont County.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with police about the number of car accidents and learned how residents can avoid being in a wreck.

“The guys are out there trying to clear the snow off the road.”

But they couldn’t clear them fast enough, according to Fremont County drivers.

Multiple car accidents happened throughout the county.

Some cars flipped over, while others slid off the road crashing, into trees.

Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee told New 13, “One of which was in Wind River Canyon. It was a fairly significant crash."

A semi lost control after driving over ice, causing a truck to overturn and collided with other vehicles.

Fortunately, there were no major injuries in any of the incidents.

Lee said the number of accidents has been cut down to less than half of the normal collision rate.

Lee believes numbers can decrease even more if we all remember to drive with caution in conditions like these.

"The biggest thing that we see is people just really slow down now to see the hazards out there I want to drive too fast for roadway conditions in a lot of time that causes a collision."

Main roads have been cleared since, thanks to plow drivers, but remain cautious of slick spots.

Plow drivers will continue to clear roads and Fremont County officials ask drivers to have patience as they cover a 60-mile radius, starting with main roads and school zones first.