Health Fair Offered Blood Screens

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All this week the Wyoming Health Fair and Blue Envelope Health Fund are hold blood screenings.

Blue Envelope is an all volunteers organization working towards bringing health awareness into communities.

The organization started when strep throat caused an epidemic of heart issues in Casper. It's grown into a fund focused on heart, cancer, mental health, and now the wellness division all focused on making residents aware of any health problems they may not know about.

All week there will be free screenings and a bloods draw and they will let you know if you have any issues.

Sue Hoag is the Vice President of Blue Envelope Heath Fund she said, "Taking care of yourself was not a cowboy thing. We encourage people to take responsibility for their own health and this is one of the ways we try to teach how to be healthy how to eat healthy how to be aware of the symptoms your body is having.

No appointment is required. Simply walk in anytime between 7 AM and10 AM and remember not to eat beforehand.