Harnetty Case Left to the Jury

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Dr. Paul Harnetty‘s case is now in the hands of the jury.

Lawyers presented their closing arguments this morning.

Assistant District Attorney Kevin Taheri asked the jury to remember the six women and their testimonies and for them to consider their knowledge and experiences in life while deliberating.

He said, “This is a case of whether Dr. Harnetty acted as a medical professional or if things became sexual.”

Harnetty’s attorney Don Fuller addressed the jury and told them they are fighting a system of government. He said they must consider whether the doctor was acting in proper medical practice or if he was abusing his power.

He urged them to consider the credibility of the women who spoke and to consider the investigation, a witch hunt against the doctor.

He left them to use common sense and to find the doctor not guilty of the crimes.

Dr. Harnetty is facing more than a hundred years in prison if convicted of the eight charges of sexual assault.

A verdict is expected to come to later today.