Hardees Trio Arrested Following Four Month DCI Investigation

On Tuesday afternoon three people were stopped and arrested near the Hardee’s parking lot in Casper for possessing close to three pounds of methamphetamine.

Julio Gasca, Cindy Williams and Michael Williams were arrested by DCI for possession of drugs with intent to deliver, possession of drugs and child endangering.

Court reports show the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigations has been working on the on-going drug trafficking case since September.

An unknown source identified Cindy Williams a key player in the operation, who would get meth from Gasca who would bring drugs up from Colorado according to reports.

On December, 26th an unknown source told police Williams had $13,000 to purchase the meth in Casper from Gasca.

Police obtained a search warrant of William's property and agents found Williams in a white utility truck with Michael Williams meeting Gasca in the Hardee's parking lot.

Agents observed the drug deal occurred, then stepped in to arrest the three.

Reports show Michael Williams fled and was taken down in front of Plains Tire carrying a revolver hand gun at the time.

Both Williams appeared in court on Wednesday.

Cindy Williams faces charges of child endangering with drugs, possession of methamphetamine.

Michael Williams faces two charges of conspiracy to deliver meth and possession.

Both remain in custody with $50,000 bond.

Gasca met in court today with an interpreter where his bond was set at $100,000.

He is facing five charges including conspiracy to deliver meth, possession with intent to deliver meth, delivery of methamphetamine and two charges of child endangering with meth.