A Neighborhood Argument Gets Heated

A Casper mom wants answers after her car was set afire in front of her home.

It started with an argument between neighbors.

"Things almost got physical I ran them off of my house. I called the cops and sat outside and waited for two hours," said Meagan Logan.

After waiting for so long she went to bed.

Soon after she turned her lights off.

"My car was set on fire right in front of my house."

Logan thinks she knows who is responsible.

"Just the fact that there was the fight right before with the neighbor and then all of a sudden my car is on fire is enough for me to know who did it."

She believes gasoline was sprinkled throughout the car and a milk jug filled was placed in the rear parcel shelf and set on fire, blowing out her back window.

"My poor kids are worried that they can't even get in the car without it blowing up now. You know, it's just been damaging."

"I don't understand how somebody can catch someone's car on fire and just go back to bed at night. It just doesn't make any sense to me," said her mother, Tammy Logan.

Police and firefighters came to the fire that night, but both women feel if officers would have come when first called the fire might not have been started.

However, Chief Keith Mcpheeters says calls are prioritized.

"We respond to those that are most, a greater emergency first. So it may take a little bit of time but we would encourage people if they know they're getting into an argument that could turn heated they probably should back off and resolve that through a mediator. And the police do not mind coming out and mediating," said Chief Mcpheeters.
Chief Mcpheeters urges us to call police anytime there is a concern for our safety.

The sergeant in charge could not speak about the investigation since it is ongoing.

Logan asks that anyone who might know about what happened to step up and say something.