Gyms Feel the Increase in Customer on New Years

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CASPER, Wyo. For Natrona County YMCA staff, a New Year marks the start of their busiest season.

"We see an increase in volume and memberships and just usage of the facility. A lot of people are making new year's resolutions and so this is a time of year that we get a lot of people that come in and join and start using the facility." Said Risa Phillips, the YMCA Membership and Sports Director.

If achieving your 2019 goal wasn't enough, many area gyms offer special deals

"The entire month of January we're waving our joining fee,” Phillips said.

Phillips admits most will give up on their New Years resolution by March, so YMCA staff try to make new members feel right at home.

"Our staff really try to welcome them to the facility. Connect them to areas of the facility that interest them. So if they're interested in group fitness class, you know, show them a class that's going on, show them what our schedule looks like, connect them with another member of that class, connect them with an instructor." She explained.

Hopefully, that will put them on the path to conquer their 2019 resolution.

A Casper Planet Fitness staff member said New Year's day is their version of Black Friday.