Gun Sales Trend After Florida School Shooting

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Gun sales increase in the Casper area.

Living in our state, guns are common in almost every household.

"Starting for us it has been increasing over the year, but it picked up quite a bit about a week-and-a-half ago after the Parkland shooting," said Brian Shain from Power River Armory.

But, there isn't one gun that's selling more than another.

"It's sales overall, it’s not just the black guns. We’re still selling handguns, regular old rifles, everything," said Shawn Wagner from Wagner’s Outdoor Outfitters.

Both companies I (Jacquie Palizzi) spoke with said they are having a hard time keeping inventory on the shelf."

Shipments aren't coming in fast enough to satisfy customers.

"It's hard to find stuff, so evidently other parts of the country are getting it too."

There's been talk of big stores changing their sales policies.

"They are not going to sell to anyone under 21, and not certain types of things. I think it's more of an advertising tactic. I think more than anything."

Local shop owners say big corporate stores putting limitations on customers draw us to shop local.

"Well, it's going to help our business obviously. People don't go to Walmart, or Dick’s for the gun store experience, but they are going to come here now because they are going to get more availability on product."

Both owners recommend shopping local so you can get educated on the gun you are buying.

Shop owners aren't sure how long the trend will last, but say sales are helping their stores.