Gubernatorial Debate

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Bar Nunn The primary elections narrowed down the pool of candidates for governor. Wednesday afternoon, candidates debated political topics affecting the prosperity of the state including the economy, health insurance, the labor market, and education.

In order to improve a couple of these areas, candidates believe diversifying the economy, attracting younger talent to suitable communities, and raising families within Wyoming are aspects we have missed.

"What I've heard from younger people that want to be in Wyoming is that they want amenities,” says democratic candidate Mary Throne. “We need to create opportunities that can keep people here."
In an effort to keep residents in Wyoming, Throne also advocated for improved infrastructure.

In creating some of those opportunities, Rex Rammel believes we need to commit to a new change that excludes federal government influence.
He attributes a formula used by North Dakota where leaders have a state bank that invests back into the state's economy.

Rammell asked Wednesday’s audience, "Can you imagine what would happen if we took even a portion of the twenty billion dollars that we are sending to Wall Street, and put it back into the economy of Wyoming to business loans? You would see this thing explode!”

Republican candidate Mark Gordon believes those improvements can be made by practical solutions by utilizing our resources, and expanding further than our usual solution underground.

"Wyoming is at a remarkable turning point. Look at the resources we have,” Gordon said. “Not only our natural resources, but also the resources of people, talent, and quality of life. Those are all things we should bring to making sure Wyoming has the brightest future that we will ever have."