Guardians Ready to Rise During Eclipse

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Medical resources will expand in Fremont County during the eclipse for urgent medical emergencies.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with Guardian Flight members about their safety plans.

Medical tents will be available during the eclipse for first aid, but for major emergencies Guardian Flight will be available.

Guardian Flight Base Manager, Nikki Packer shared, “We will be available just as usual. We’ve developed additional communication systems in case the cell services don’t work."

Stephanie Lake, Guardian Flight Nurse added, “We are locally based here so we have a lot of crew members that live here in the area so they’ve made themselves available.”

“We also are utilizing the Reach Rotor in Cody. After a recent requisition that we had they are actually a part of our flight program now.”

"We’ll respond to like the local Lander Sage West Hospital and then transport patients from Lander, Riverton to Denver, Salt Lake."

Crew members said it could be anything.

“Anywhere between heart attacks traumas, gunshot wounds, stab wounds I mean anything and everything in between is what we respond to.”

Guardian Flight will have emergency aircraft stationed in multiple locations including Lander.

“The Rotor crew that does operate out of here and Riverton they resend to scene calls all the time.”

Guardian Flight Paramedic, Lori Wempen shared, “This is our loading side for the patient compartment side. We have our trolley here that we can bring out. Bring our patience up on and petty much position any position that you need to; a cardiac monitor. We can do all of the advance skills with our cardiac monitor as you would in an emergency room."

One of the pilots, Brett Reeder told News 13, “The sliding door opens up so we get easy access for the patient to sit in here. We also have removable landing light that we can spotlight the area to help people as well."

Flight crew members also said they are eager to help during the event.

“We’re excited to have this opportunity to continue to serve our community.”

Guardian Flight Wyoming operates under air medical group holdings, which is the largest independent air provider in the world.

Guardian Flight will also be stationed in Riverton and Gillette during the eclipse.