Growing a 'Hidden Gem' in North Casper

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Dallason Park announced the first handicap accessible community park and garden, but the real treat, is the food is free.

News 13's Justin Roth explains the work that went into bringing this garden to life.

"It's kind of a hidden little oasis here."

This oasis, Dallason Park, sits along the railroad track in north Casper, creating a new hub for everyone to enjoy.

Co-founder of Friends of Dallason Park Janet Youngholm told News 13, “The garden is the center for the park to make this a fully accessible universal design park so folk in wheelchairs for with any kind of disability can access the park and enjoy it."

Once called the ‘Two Swing Park’ by a local boy scout, he elected to join restoration efforts.

Boy Scout Devin Emerson shared, "I decided to help with the help of my fellow Boy Scouts to liven up the park; get some fun little activities, we even got the city to get the swings back in and now they’re making up and getting the other stuff ready."

Friends of Dallason Park recently earned a grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation for new playground equipment.

Youngholm added, "So we want to put in another ADA parking spot up here on this platform making the entire playground accessible and connected to the concrete pavilion and the picnic pavilion and the garden were standing on so that's our goal."

Another important part of the Eagle Project was water.

"So we decided to hook up this little water spigot and there’s a trench that goes where the water turns on. That way it's set to a regular time. So garden gets watered and if we need to use the spigot it to get water out."

Emerson didn't do this project for himself, but he also used it as a teaching tool.

"They got to learn how to liven up a park, what to do and that, this park will be there for future generations and also taught them, for when they do their Eagle Projects and what they can do for theirs.”

And to top it all off, “This is a food is free garden and that's something a lot of folk have a hard time believing that something is actually free, but all the food here is free. All the efforts to this park are donated by food for thought volunteers."

All of this continues to make Dallason Park a hidden gem in north Casper.

Dallason Park is located on the corner of Melrose and Burlington streets just south of the railroad tracks.