Grizzly Killed; People Mauled Near Cody

Two people were mauled by a grizzly south of Cody Thursday.

Game and Fish spokeswoman Tara Hodges said the victims were treated at area hospitals.

She said their injuries were not life threatening. Hodges said that incident happened in Boulder Basin south of Cody.

Meanwhile, northwest of Cody, a Wyoming game warden shot and killed a female grizzly in Little Sunlight Basin, off the Chief Joseph Highway. A Park County Sheriff’s spokesman said game warden Chris Queen was off duty, and was hunting when the bear charged him.

Lance Mathess said the grizzly was protecting three young cubs, when she bluff charged Queen from about forty feet away, then charged him again.

Mathess explained, “Just bolted into a full on charge, towards the game warden, and unfortunately he was forced to discharge his weapon and killed the bear with one shot.”

Mathess could not say whether the game warden was carrying bear spray.

He confirmed the three cubs were born this year.

The state’s chief game warden, Brian Nesvik, said they are monitoring the cubs, and will decide what to do with them after watching them.