Grizzly Hunt Delayed

Cody A federal judge in Missoula has extended the stay on hunts for grizzly bears. Wyoming’s hunt was scheduled to start September 1, but on August 30th Federeal District Judge Dana Christensen issued a two week stay, to allow him time to consider arguments for and against delisting Yellowstone area grizzlies.

Thursday, Judge Christensen extended the stay until September 27th.

A Wyoming hunting and conservation group representative said he was extremely disappointed expressed with the judge’s decision to further to delay the hunts. Those hunts would have started in Northwest Wyoming Friday.

Wyoming outdoorsmen board chair Jay Joachim said the science presented by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Wyoming biologists is being ignored.

Joachim said, “Bears are recovered. It’s time to delist them and move forward with population control.”

Yellowstone area grizzly bears have been delisted, and are being managed by Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.