Grizzly Conflicts Continue in Northern Wyoming

In the month of October, there were several deadly conflicts with hunters near Cody.

Wyoming Game and Fish’s Cody Supervisor is investigating the shooting of two grizzlies on the North Fork between Cody and Yellowstone.

Cody regional wildlife supervisor Dan Smith says the separate shootings took place in early October. And, Game and Fish agents trapped and euthanized a grizzly Thursday that was climbing on a horse trailer on the North Fork.

Spokeswoman Tara Hodges says that bear was injured, and could not be relocated.

In another case, a grizzly sow was shot and killed by off duty Wyoming Game and Fish Warden Chris Queen north of Cody.

Park County Sheriff’s office spokesman Lance Mathess said Queen surprised a sow with three cubs of the year, as he returned to his horses. Queen told investigators they were only forty feet away.

Mathess explained, “Just bolted into a full on charge, towards the game warden and unfortunately he was forced to discharge his weapon and killed the bear with one shot.”

Meanwhile, a hunting guide from Cody and his client are recovering from a grizzly mauling that happened when they were in the Washakie Wilderness south of Cody Thursday.

Hodges says both were flown to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.