Great Wall of Fremont Rises Again

Flood prevention actions for Lander takes the form of a wall, down the middle of Fremont Street.

First used as a flood prevention tactic in 2010 the Great Wall of Fremont is now a preventative measure for this years' expected floods.

Nick Hudson, Lander Emergency Management coordinator, “In advance and trying to get ready for flood season, with the help of homeland security and also the army corps of engineers, the project on Fremont street is the number one mitigation for the city of lander to do in a pre-emptive fashion to protect and prevent critical infrastructure damage in the event of high water flooding.”

Phillip Cornella, International Union of Operating Engineers Instructor said, “They’re really expecting a big flood so we’re trying to build this fence, get it filled with sand and sandbags put around it, keep the water diverted to the river.”

Job Corps students put the wall sections, known as Hesko barriers in place.

“Wind River Job Corps is helping our city crews out right now with getting those in place and just really kind of taking advantage of being able to do it ahead of time so that way we’re not scrambling when the water is coming up.”

“We get to see how these natural disasters and how the operations work and they’re going to get to run some equipment and really help out.”

Each wall section is filled with sand and reinforced with sandbags so excess water escaping City Park goes down the road into the river, these barriers can also be re-used for years to come.

“It’s really not that hard you basically pick the basket up, clean up the sand, clean up the visqueem and the baskets can be cleaned up, packaged up and re-used and that’s one thing that’s really good about it.”

The Hesko barrier sections all come from the department of homeland security and didn’t cost city maintenance crews any money.

After the wall is complete, two-way traffic will be restarted until flooding occurs which will close Fremont Street, until it is over.