Grand Teton National Park Begins Filling Up for Solar Show

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Not every Jackson tourist is there specifically for the eclipse, including two honeymooners from London.

News 13 spoke with Alexander Gardner about their honeymoon, “This seemed like a great time and so we booked it, and then we were looking to book hotels and travel and car rental and it was all difficult to get and we were like wow why is this so difficult to get and we did a bit of research and found out the eclipse was here at the same time so it’s an added bonus for us really rather than something we planned for.”

It was so hard to find a hotel that Gardner and his new wife will have a fun story to tell when they get home.

“Well it was difficult to get accommodations so we actually slept in our car last night because everyone wants to come here for this reason because of the eclipse and because it’s a great place.”

Public works employees charged with helping pedestrians in town stay safe said it hasn’t been as busy as they thought.

Caleb Sauer, Eclipse Safety Monitor commented, “It kind of flows, yesterday with the farmers market we saw a bit of traffic congestion with all the pedestrians but its maybe a little bit more than normal but not what we were expecting.”

Eclipse chasers from all across the world seem to have skipped the Jackson Hole experience and instead flooded Teton National Park Scenic Areas.

Lines of cars parked on the road more than a mile have many chasers ready to try and snag a better parking spot before the sun even rises.

Issac Baldizon, Eclipse Chaser shared, “Coming in to this side of the Tetons, the eastern side it’s been a cluster, it’s been a lot of people out here, we expect there to be a lot more traffic tomorrow and we’re prepared for that to get here around two hours before sunset, so, or sunrise I should say.”

Every Teton National Park camp site is full and parking spots are almost impossible to find. This means road shoulders are packed with cars and RVs.

National Forest Rangers said visitors should be in the park at 4-am to find a good spot.

Thousands more are expected to make the day trip to Jackson and the park because staying over night is too expensive and hotels just don’t have any room.