Governor Mead Encourages Wyoming at Final State Address

Governor Matt Mead said Monday the state of our state is strong.

During his address to legislators he reflected on the past year on what we've achieved and what we have to do in the future.

News 13’s Marella Porter shares the nostalgic moments of the governor’s eighth and final address.

“It is indeed an honor and a privilege for me to introduce, his excellence, the Governor of the state of Wyoming Matthew H. Mead.”

Governor Mead reflected on the past year noting positive achievements.

“Budget aside 2017 was a year to remember for the eclipse, increased emphasis on outdoor activities and ENDOW.”

Mead recognized the good, “Together overall we’ve done a good job investing for the future building at UW, building at our community colleges, constructing and maintaining schools, helping our towns and counties, managing wildlife and in many other ways.”

He also went back to tougher times, like the energy downturn, which forced legislators to take a hard look at our state’s economy.

“With 70 percent of revenue coming from the energy sector when the industry fell on difficult times, beginning in fall 2014, our state fell on difficult times.”

He expressed what must be done in the future to improve the economy, emphasizing on expanding Wyoming’s economic base and continuing growth in technology manufacturing outdoor industries and more.

“I reject the notion that Wyoming is incapable of determining its own destiny, that our future will only be determined by commodity prices or other exterior forces; surely the Equality State has a belief in self-determination.”

Governor Mead reminded lawmakers we have not yet recovered from the last energy bust cycle and need to adjust to constrained revenue.
“We cannot sit around and wait for the next one."

Recognizing that their focus now, is maintaining what has been built.

Mead encouraged lawmakers to seize the moment taking the next step by investing in ENDOW a 20 year plan aimed at diversifying the economy.