Governor Encourages Antelope Hunters Before Favored Event

The 2017 One Shot Antelope Hunt took place in Lander this past weekend.

News 13 spoke with participants and planners about the poplar event.
Before hunters hit the field, they must prepare properly.

One Shot Antelope Past Vice President, Scott Harnsberger commented, "They have to be here, they have to have put in for a license before participating in this draw and so they’re in there right now trying to get a license.”

Although it’s a long process, Harnsburger said it’s worth it.

"It’s a really good time for a lot of people. What it does is brings individuals from all over the world, the Governor of Wyoming and the Governor of Colorado to co-host the event.”

News 13 spoke with Governor Mead at the event who shared, “This is my seventh year, each year is so special to be able to be in this community. The great volunteers, to have the travel for participation the past years and is the condition that I grew up with."

Participants for this year’s One Shot Antelope Hunt gather inside with their guides all in preparation for the Saturday big hunt.

Hunter Chuck Henline told News 13, “It's pretty exclusive from everything I’ve understood and from what I see, it is and it's quite an honor to be here also for a great cause."

Mead shared advice with some club newbies.

"Tip one is enjoy it! It's an experience of a lifetime, creating memories for a lifetime. Two, just soak it all in the tradition of the past shooters and then of course take true aim and take your time.”

Some shared, “Just take your time follow your guide and don't get too excited and just make a good clean shot.”

Event organizers said this year’s event raised close to 97 thousand dollars from the auctions.