Governor Campaigns at Casper College

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CASPER Before we know it, we will be lined up at the polls voting for the 33rd governor of Wyoming.

Forums and debates took these candidates to Cheyenne, Bar Nunn, and recently Casper College.

Two of the four governor candidates were present Tuesday evening including Mark Gordon and Mary Throne. Both were divisive about health care, specifically Medicade. Throne says 35 states have instituted Medicade, and we should be one of them.

Mark Gordon argues. "Rather than saying let's apply the band-aid of medicade expansion, which may or may not in this environment be a long term solution, certainly requires the state to pick up more and more of that budget over time. I really want to try and focus on working on state based solutions that maybe some of our peers have that have a longer, more durable effect on the funding equation."

Throne rebuttals, saying that Medicade funding is 90 percent the federal government and 10 percent state, and that we should take that money in a heartbeat, especially if it can alleviate some state spending.

"what is really absurd about Mark's proposal is that it would cost more money, it would take more state dollars to achieve the same ends. it's expensive to get health care to people so why don't we take the federal money that's available to us and put in a little bit of state money like we do for all of the programs we talk about here with medicade expansion."

Throne continues to say that in Wyoming's growing economy, it does not matter how much we diversify if we don't broaden our tax structure. Meanwhile, Gordon believes there are still enough assets we can provide ourselves without raising taxes.

"when we look at spending a lot of our portfolio on low interest loans to major interprises that have nothign to do with the mineral industry, we are in fact burdening our entire state. on the other hand if we are able to grow small businesses on the main streets of our communities and be able to make sure those small businesses have all of the opportunity to succeed, those do not provide the same kinds of burdens."

The candidates also discussed helping local transportation programs like cat-c in Casper.