Good Aviation Museum

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Roughly a year has passed since a bitter sweet time period for Ed Good.

Ed placed a ballot into the Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame for his father Jim without him knowing.

The process wasn't complete overnight, but the timing was met with flying colors.

"It took two years; but, while my dad was still living, we got a call one day. They told him that he was selected for 2016. That was kind of the pinnacle for me to honor my dad, for him to know that he was inducted,” Ed said. “He passed away a short time after that."

Since then, Ed has taken up his father's wings in maintaining the Good Warbirds Museum.

As one of the oldest museums in Casper, visitors were used to seeing Jim on a regular basis through private arrangements.

His son admits balancing museum management, and his schedule outside of the hangar has almost created its own turbulence.

"I'm not quite as accessible as I'd like to be because I'm still running a business with my wife. I think in the future we'll have better access for the public to this facility,” Ed added.

Once the state and county finalize a plan for the museum, Ed is hoping for a long term future at the museum.