Golfing For Healthcare

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Riverton golfers are hitting the course this Labor Day to raise money for hospice care.

The fundraiser is for the help for health program in Fremont County.

President of Help for Health Mary Margaret Stockton said “we exist to help people who have healthcare needs. They may fall through the cracks and not be eligible for things that other people are so we try to be there for them.”

College golfer and tournament participant Sarah Schroefel said “loving golf, it’s a beautiful day out and for labor day and this is for and this is for hospice and hospice is a great facility.”

Wyoming Community Bank sponsors the two day event as a way to give back to the community.

Wyoming Community Bank Lead Sponsor Scott Estep said “part of the registration fee went towards help for health we matched that and added some funds to that and we’re able to give a check for help for health to help with their budget.”

Stockton mentioned “they’ve done this tournament for 15 years so they decided to do it in our honor and give all the proceeds that they raise to us; they just presented me a check for 9-thousand 5-hundred dollars.”

That money goes directly towards providing care for hospice patients unable to care for themselves.

Stockton stated “no one should end their life alone, afraid or in pain so that’s our objective is to be there.”
Estep said “I had a daughter that worked there as a CNA and I know first-hand the care that they give and it’s just excellent.”

Over 100 golfers are celebrating their labor day and help for health at Riverton’s golf course.

Help for health has an eight bed facility for hospice patients and also provide in-home care for those who don’t want to leave the peace of their home.