Glowing 'Hope' Filled the Oil Bowl Stands Friday

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The 53rd Annual Oil Bowl was not the only thing to kick off last Friday night in Casper.

The program, Hope, hosted by students from the competing schools also began.

As the annual Oil Bowl kicked off students from Kelly Walsh and Natrona County handed out blue and green glow sticks to wave during the game and spread the message.

“Hold On” and the “Pain Ends” is the message students from both schools want to send.

One student told News 13 one of the hardest things to hear is that one of your classmates will no longer be in school.

NCHS Junior Anastacia Slack shared, “Being at school and finding out from your teachers and all that like it’s a sad moment."

Bringing an end to those moments is just one of many driving forces behind, Hope.

A Hope organizer and Kelly Walsh student wanted to spread awareness beyond the classroom to bring his community together.

KWHS student Dylan Smith commented, “Small communities and big communities alike have been affected by this and we want to try and come together and fight it.”

The stands at Dick Cheney Alumni Field were filled with glow sticks students said it’s important to spread the message of suicide awareness.

"You can’t just let your life end there are things that you can do about it, people you can talk too."

"While we can be enemies on the field and be competitive against each other for football we can come together as a community to fight this problem of suicide."

The students and players are competitive on the field, but joined forces as a team to win the battle against suicide.

Natrona County has lost fifteen residents to suicide already this year, according to the County Coroner's report ending in July.

Students are hopeful to make the program an annual event.