Glenrock Schools Move to Four Day Week

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Glenrock Students will have more time on their hands the next school year. Budget cuts force district leaders to scale back their school week.
Converse County District #2 schools will have a four day week.

Superintendent Coley Shadrick says going to four-day weeks is a way to cut back on costs spent paying substitute teachers each Friday.

It's part of his budget plan as his school district faces roughly $650,000 in cuts next year.

Meanwhile, many places across the town will start expanding services for students.

Boys & Girls Club executives plan to offer a full day of activities for the 50 to 60 kids using their Glenrock branch.

"What a four day week will do is give us more time with those kids on Fridays," said Brandy Popp, from the Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming.

Popp and the Boys & Girls Club are some of many groups preparing for the upcoming change.

Popp says school leaders asked them about partnering, so kids can have something to do Fridays.

"We're looking at being open 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Fridays."

To many people in Glenrock, the idea of a four day school week isn't that bad. As a matter in fact, they believe it will force students to spend
their time elsewhere, like the library.

"This is a safe place for kids to come. They like to work on the computers," said Tamara Lehner from the Glenrock Library.

"Today's libraries are not just for books, they are so many more things that kids look to libraries."

Tamara Lehner, and her library colleagues say they've been mapping out ideas for expanding services.

"We're definitely having discussions about how we can have some activities.

Lehner also says those ideas include more children's story time, and expanding crafts and activities for teenagers.

Meanwhile, as school leaders get ready to implement these changes they won't be alone in moving to a shorter week.

School districts in Oklahoma, and one in Colorado already have four-day school weeks.

Glenrock is mostly a sports town, so many students are away competing each Friday.