Glenrock Library to Be Renovated

GLENROCK, Wyo. It was quiet at the Glenrock library, but it won't be that way much longer.

Converse County Library Board Members told County Commissioners changes are coming to the library.

The library has seen double the number of visitors from 30,000 to 60,000 last year.

"I have experience with the library from years ago and it's always been a very well attended spot. And I think Glenrock really likes and uses their library a lot." Said Vickie Goodwin.

Updates include new study rooms, upgraded staff rooms, and specific areas for kids and teenagers.

The entire project will cost just over one million dollars.

Architects say the main focus will be on the lower level even though the whole building will see changes.

"The basement was built unfinished when the library was originally constructed. And it was a good vision by the library board and county commissioners to go ahead and fund that for this future expansion." Said Dennis Humphries.

Board members and architects say the library is essential to Glenrock, another reason changes will come this year.

"Because libraries are becoming more important to their communities in every community across the United States, the Glenrock library has seen a spike in activity. So this will allow the library to better serve the needs of different users of the library."

Board members say the library will stay open as much as possible but may have to close during renovations.