Glenrock Animal Hoarding Case

A Glenrock woman accused of animal cruelty now has most citations against her suspended.

Shye Virgilio was given two animal cruelty charges with 20 citations in total.

She ran an "at-home" animal rescue shelter where officers found animals living in poor conditions.

**just as a warning some images may be disturbing for some viewers.***

"It's been kind of chaotic."

Vergilio is still trying to make sense of everything that has taken place
over the past few months.

"Trying to show that it wasn't this big abuse/neglect situation," said Shye Vergilio, who ran her own rescue animal shelter.

In June, officers noticed a "horrible smell" coming from the property.

When they arrived, they found dogs and cats living in poor conditions.

They even found animal carcasses.

"The dead animals that people are talking about were a couple of puppies that had passed away from being sick, and I was burying them."

She also says she tried finding new homes for the other animals, but they were turned away.

"Either being too full or they wouldn't return phone calls or it was my problem to fix, kind of situation."
Stuart McCrary was the responding animal control officer on this case.

"This is the first rescue that I had to deal with that we had that much of a problem to deal with. You know, most of the time we don't have this much of an issue."

"I had enough probable cause now that I have one dog I need to check the rest of them and as I went through the property, basically the conditions, the farther I went back into the house and the property, the conditions got worse."

McCrary made frequent visits to the property after learning of the incident in June.

"Every time I went through everything, it seemed to be okay then I had about a hiatus of about three weeks I didn't got back and then I went back to visit her then I found the conditions I found."

Vergilio's animal rescue operations have been suspended for a year.
She admits she became overwhelmed with taking care of so many animals.

"Adopters that couldn't have them, it just became too much."

Vergilio had 15 of the 20 citations against her suspended.

Dogs seized from her property were taken to shelters in Cheyenne and Laramie.