Glendo Put on The Map Thanks to the Solar Eclipse

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A year has gone by since a massive crowd packed a tiny Wyoming town for the solar eclipse.

Glendo's population skyrocketed from 200 into the tens of thousands range during that one weekend.

This 2017 solar eclipse mural still recaps the moment Glendo was put in the spotlight for a historic event.

Just a year ago, this place was soaring with visitors from all over who wanted to get a view of the "greatest show in the sky".

"It put us on the map and people left with a really good feeling about us."

Glendo was one of the many spots where totality hit as the moon's shadow blanketed Wyoming.

Town leaders spent months preparing for the large crowds.

Anywhere from 10 to 100,000 tourists packed the area.

"It was hectic, but we had a lot of outside help. We had a lot of people who chipped in and people I've never met before," said Brenda Hagen, the Glendo Town clerk.

Town officials ended up spending around $33,000 dollars for sanitation, trash, and other services.

But, a GoFundMe page offset those costs since they acquired $35,000.

"We made our money back, plus a couple extra thousand."

And the crowds left just as fast as they arrived.

"It was a clean or cleaner before they got here."
Hagen even still gets emails and cards from visitors thanking them for their hospitality.

She had one email that came from afar.


Leaving a lasting impact for tourists.

"Hopefully some of them will come back."

And help those feel at home right in our own backyard.