Giving Gifts To Your Perfect Teachers

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Finding friends and loved ones gifts for the holiday seasons can sometimes present a challenge but what about your children's teachers?

News 13s Justin Roth spoke with some local teachers to see what they have received in the past.

Cottonwood Elementary teacher said they usually do receive gifts from students and parents but they stress it not required but certainly appreciated.

There is no question about it, teachers are vital. So during the holiday season how do you thank them and wish them a happy holiday?

Allison Vandal 1st grade Teacher at Cottonwood Elementary she said, "I like the university of Wyoming so I've got a lot of Wyoming gifts. Those are probably my favorite because they're stuff I keep up in my classroom."

No teacher expects gifts from students but they are thankful when students think of them. Addey Lloyd is an Inclusion Teacher for first and fourth grade at Cottonwood and say the simplest gifts are sometimes the best, "Also received some very sweet and well thought-out handmade gifts."

And although mom and dad may buy the gift. Its usually the students that find their own way to present it to their teacher. Vandal says, "A lot of kids don't like to walk up and give it to you so they leave it on your desk. Which is kind of funny cause they don't always have their name on it. So your like who got me this gift and so their like its me so some of them are excited to give it to your and are nervous to give it to you and some kids just don't want to necessary want to hand it to you" and Lloyd reiterates, "Kind of like a here and then they run off and they just put in on my desk its almost like their embarrassed to present their teacher with a gift."

Teachers love getting gifts for the holiday seasons sometimes students don't always know what the right gift is, but other times students knows their teachers just the right amount.

"Well I use to work in a junior high and I had a student that went on vacation to Mexico and he brought me back a alligator foot cause in knew I loved alligators and it was really awesome and it went up on my desk for everyone to see" says Lloyd.

Aside from gifts, It's the holiday season teachers love the most.

"I love seeing the kids get excited I love doing Christmas projects with them and talking about Santa and seeing their faces light up when they talk about things that they want or things their doing over Christmas break" Vandal says.

No matter what you're thinking about getting your teacher just remember its not about how much you may spend its the thought that counts.

Lloyd tells us a student gave her a picture of a giant cup of star-bucks coffee because they knew she loved coffee, and she loved it.