Girl Scouts: A Family Tradition

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Pre-sales for Girl Scout cookies kicked off Friday, but behind those cookie sales is one family who knows the selling process, all too well.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint sat down with a family who has been selling cookies since the 1920's.

For this family, it's been a tradition and they hope it continues for years to come.

"Our family has been in girl scouts for a hundred years, which I haven't thought about that, amazing,”

A Casper family has known the honor of wearing a scout badge for four generations.

Jennifer Forsberg, a 20 year Troop Leader commented, "Well I guess we've been Girl Scouts pretty much for forever my grandma was my mom’s leader and my mom was a Girl Scout and my mom was a Girl Scout leader trainer and did other stuff and then I took over leading my oldest daughter's troop and now my youngest daughter."

Three of the four family scouts shared their traditions, through mementos.

The family story has been handed down from generation to generation.

Julie Clouser joined Girl Scouts in the 50's and told News 13, "My aunt was five years older than my mom was a Girl Scout and my mom just kind of tagged along with her even though she was five years younger. So my mom started going to scouts before she was even old enough to be a scout and then she became a scout and we've just gone on from there.

"They tell me stories that I could've never imagined happening now like my mom went to an archery camp and she was the only girl there. She was the best, she was amazing at it and that’s something she wouldn't have been able to do if it wasn't for Girl Scouts,” said Phoebe Anderson.

"When my mom was a Girl Scout were fifty cents a box. For me it started out at like a dollar twenty-five and went to I think two dollars by the time I was done selling and as phoebe grown its gone from three dollars to four dollars."

After paying cookie bakers, the remaining funds stay with local girl scouts, keeping the tradition alive.

This family hopes that tradition continues.

"It really depends on what she wants to do but I would highly encourage her to do it."

This trio said strength is what keeps the family legacy bright.

"We are strong women and I think scouting was a part of that."

"It’s an amazing tradition we've been raised to be very strong women and I think girl scouts is a huge part in that."

All while keeping century old traditions alive, one badge at a time.