Ghost Tours Revisit Casper's Spooky History

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Calling all ghost hunters! If you're a big fan of Halloween or things that go bump in the night, you may want to clear your schedule. For the rest of the month, Casper Theater employees will be hosting ghost tours downtown.

“I think if you kind of have a mind for the gruesome, come visit us—and history. I'll leave a teaser. One of our stories has a beautiful woman whose nose is severed off her face,” said ghost tour guide Lexy Harris.

It's no secret downtown Casper is rich in history.

“Some of the places that have the most activity include the Wonder Bar, there's been things in Lou Talbert's, Charlie T's, the First National Bank building. All through downtown, people have reported things,” said Harris.

It wasn't your average walk around downtown Casper on Friday night as ghost lovers and history buffs met near Market Square around sundown for a ghost tour.

“Our tour is basically a walking tour. And we walk around, and we go to the scenes where the crimes happened and where the paranormal activity has been happening,” Harris explained.

The tour takes you through downtown streets and alleys, from the downtown parking garage where an old dance hall used to be, all the way to a heavy iron gate outside the old Sanford’s building.

But perhaps the most haunted place? The Wonder Bar.

Jimmy Beck, General Manager of Wonder Bar, remembered one ghostly tale.

“I had an employee who was standing right here,” Beck said. “He was kind of organizing stuff and looked down towards the door there and saw the figure of a guy standing there, looked back over here, the guy was gone. I'm interviewing a girl one day, and she said that her uncle's best friend had died down here because this used to be part of a brothel. There was a network of tunnels underneath Casper. He had died down over here somewhere, and she didn't even know the story. And that employee refused to come into this room after that.”

This is just one story of many that you'll hear on the tour. So whether you want a good scare or a history lesson, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

Harris added that the tours take place in July so out-of-town tourists can take part. Tickets are $25 per person. The tours take place every Thursday and Friday through the end of July.

You can call 307-267-7243 for tickets and info, or visit to learn more.