Garage Mural Inspires Family Following Loss

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A grandmother of three is using a mural to help her grand kids cope with the loss of their mother in Fremont County.

In 2013 Christl Buskahl's daughter died; leaving her to care for her three grandchildren.

“Off and on the past four years we've been struggling trying to make sense of everything and start over,” Buskahl told News 13.

"We needed color; everything seemed to have been stuck in black-and-white.”

They tried different things to help with their grieving process.

Custom photographs, counseling and even tattoos.

“We’re working really hard at making sure that I give them the best life that they could have without their mom being around.”

Buskahls got in contact with Casper artist, Robbie Robinson to come up with a design and create the mural.

"He did a rough draft of the picture and stuff that he would do. When he understood that it was in memory of my daughter when he understood that it was specifically for my grand kids this is what he ended up coming up with and it just was perfect.”

A picture of a colorful waterfall now covers their garage door.

Linda Heron, licensed social worker from Blue Sky Counseling commented, “It's a type of art therapy to put so much emotion into that because when they're creating that they're thinking about and for and processing and putting that beauty into something that's really a hard subject.”

Buskahl’s said since the mural was put up the kids seem much happier than before.

“It just seems to have brightened them up.”

“I think that that's a beautiful thing to do and it helps them to turn grief into something beautiful you know to help them to look at it and process it and when I think about that loss the memory that they created is something that brings some comfort."

The mural includes their mother's favorite colors and three trees, one for each kid to call their own.

Raven also spoke with artist Robbie Robinson in Casper about his design and he said this was his first off-canvas mural.

Buskahls felt it was much more than she could have imagined.