Future Sheep Farmers of America Show Their Skills

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Fremont county kids are showing off their skills, poise and sheep at the county fairgrounds sheep contest.
Kids of all ages are doing their best to show off their sheep to win a county fair ribbon.

Reserve Champion Contestant Shane Dawson “I just want to show off my lamb to the best that I can and show off the best angle so i can hopefully win the class or close to it.”

Sheep Show Contestant Austin Sullivan said “just having a great time, smiling, it’s good to bond with animals.”
Every contestant is a member of the 4-h club, future farmers of America program or both.

County Fair Executive Director Barney Cosner said “these kids are all involved in 4-h FFA programs and those programs become part of the educational process that gives a solid foundation for the future in Wyoming especially.”

Dawson stated “really like being competitive with the other people and I like to help other people who I compete against to show their lambs and it’s just, being in 4-h it’s just really fun and really raised my confidence level.”

Event organizers hope getting the younger generation engaged with sheep, will help Wyoming continue to be one of the top producers in the state for years to come.

Cosner said “Wyoming has a tremendous history of being tied into the beef industry and the sheep industry and the sheep industry has been long-term one of the top three in the nation for years and years and years and that’s dwindling a little bit and they’ve lost their stature in sheer numbers.”

Each kid learns responsibility and the value of hard work while raising the sheep to get ready for contests like these.

Over 170 market ready sheep were shown to a Montana judge by kids as young as eight.