From the Bayou to the Mountains

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Blues and jazz music first caught the ears of Americans in warmer climates such as Mississippi and Louisiana.

Casper, Wyoming may be far from the genres' roots, but that isn't stopping the Wyoming Blues and Jazz Society.

"You'd be surprised at how many great musicians there are in Casper", current president Pete Bue said.

Formed in 1999 as a non-profit organization, the society has illuminated various settings around Casper.

They lament that one of their recent spots has closed.

"(We) lost one of our main venues The Wonder Bar they just closed on the eighth of this month. The parkway right now is really our only venue that we have."

Tonight's open jam at the Parkway Plaza is a chance for the community to not only enjoy the melodies, but expose the musical talents within the area.

"We had a Casper College jazz band that came down here and played, and we've already signed them up to come back and play again”, Bue added. “We'd always like to have more jazz."

The first president of the Wyoming Blues & Jazz Society agrees.

"We would love that if that would happen,” Nancy Taylor said. “My husband and I are big jazz players."

Presidents of past and future hope for the continued growth of blues and jazz in the state.